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WANEMAG | July 21, 2018

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What to eat on the go?

What to eat on the go?

We all live busy lives as cliché as it sounds but its true. It seems a lot of us work round the clock and on our off time there isn’t much time to sit down and eat good food as we’re either at the gym, at events or some other form of social gathering. So the next question I ask, what to eat on the go?

That questions can depend on your mood and how healthy you want to go.Lets imagine a few situations of where ‘we’re on the go’ and we need a something to eat to give us that extra boost of energy.

Example 1: Okay, you’re on a road trip and there is still quite a distance to cover. You know that you need a little bit of a boost before you reach your destination so you wonder what to have.  A simple and sustainable snack that is healthy could be a small banana, a protein bar or if you have a little bit of a sweet tooth then try a single cup of low calorie Häagen-Dazs with a fruit bar. These snacks are easy to eat in the car and cause little mess.

Example 2: You’re about to board the air plane for a short flight but  your stomach is growling and your wondering what to eat to keep the belly monster away.  You’ve done well not to drink at the airport bar or buy anything silly at the duty free so this is the final hurdle. Go for some dry roasted almonds. These nuts keep the hunger at bay and are also low in calories.  The problem is that most snack packs come with about 100 nuts so share with whoever you’re travelling with.

Example 3: Lets say your at the upcoming Marvel Universe Live at the O2 event and you need to get something last minute. Your options are M&S, Mcdonalds and All Bar One. We’re staying healthy here so your going to opt for Marks and Spencer.  Go for a few simple snacks such as chicken strips with a bottle of water or a low carb high protein snackbox with lean meat and veg. Buying this will stave away any hunger you have while giving a large zap of energy.

See, there’s little excuse you can have when you say “I’m on the go so I can’t eat healthy. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost the earth. Try it out for a month and see how you get on.




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