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WANEMAG | August 19, 2018

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The Perfect Fried Egg

The Perfect Fried Egg
  • On August 6, 2015

Nothing beats a good old fashioned fry up. On long weekend mornings and sometimes even on the cheeky mid-week morning starting a day with a belly full of eggs, bacon, sausage and beans somehow makes even the most stressful and chaotic day that bit more bearable when you’re not already craving lunch by 1030am.

But how do you top the Great British fry up?…easy; egg moulds. As much as we love the taste of our fry, ups their appearance can leave a lot to be desired often leaving parents in dismay when their children turn their noses up at bacon and egg in favour of sugar-loaded cereal.

Egg moulds add that little bit of character and playfulness to a plate and are incredibly cheap especially if you make your own. Instead of buying a set from a pompous hipster home wear shop, all you need is a couple of metal hose clips and some pliers.

Just bend the clip into whatever shape you desire and “hey-presto”, an instant egg mould guaranteed to keep the kids at the dinner table until their plates are empty.