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WANEMAG | June 21, 2018

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Krispy Kreme Burger

Krispy Kreme Burger
  • On February 3, 2014

Recently there has been a surge in popularity of the doughnut chain ‘Krispy Kreme’, and rightly so since unlike the failed attempts of ‘Dunkin Doughnuts’, Krispy Kreme has well and truly smashed the UK market and resigned the British people to fact that they will never diet successfully again. But as if this was not enough, so great is the world’s love of Krispy Kremes that we are now finding new strange and interesting ways to enjoy our favorite calorific snack.

Probably the most ‘food-pornographic’ of these has to be the ‘Krispy Kreme burger’, it’s a simple concept – a burger where instead of a bun, you replace it with a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut – but one that effectively redefined how we think of junk food. Through strangely enough this isn’t the first time it has been done, in fact as early as the 70s American singer Luther Vandross was making doughnut burgers for himself and his crew on tour.

Regardless of how it came about, everyone deserves to experience the sweet/savory orgy that takes place on the tongue whenever you bite into one of these. Just make sure you have got an ambulance waiting on stand-by.