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WANEMAG | August 19, 2018

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Losing Weight The Easy W.A.N.E.

  • On August 4, 2015

Spend any time on WANEmag and you’ll see a lot of delicious, mouth watering, drool worthy food. While we like our burgers, pizza, fried foods and meals as much as the next person, sometimes it can be quite difficult to have a balanced and healthy diet.

A lot of the food we feature on the site can be viewed as being quite unhealthy. We like to think that it isn’t though if you eat right. Eating right is an incredibly hard thing to do, especially if you don’t have an idea or plan in place to help you eat better every day. When a friend of the blog recently shared pictures of Facebook where they’d lost over a stone of weight in just a little over a month, we put the pizza slices down and had to investigate.

After a quick catch up conversation and research on Google, we found out about the Alevere diet and weight loss program. If you’re only reading about it for the first time, here is a quick synopsis of what it is and what it does from a clinic in the UK which provides the program and can put it in better words than we can:

Alevere Therapy® is a non-surgical weight loss solution that focuses on the individual and a personal approach to patient care

Simply put, it’s a diet plan that is custom made to achieve results. We like custom made things a lot (as you can tell by the crazy food we have here on site). Having a well crafted diet is important though. You can’t eat the types of food we blog every day without it doing harm, so we thought we’d share some healthy tips that we’ve used, as well as some we’ve picked up researching Alevere, that you should follow too. They can do wonders for the body.


Rule 1 – Have water everywhere.
There’s a reason people like Kobayashi are able to win food contests and remain extremely active. They drink a lot of water to keep their bodies in check. If you’re the kind of person who makes a habit of having a coke or energy drink every day, consider water instead. It might seem a bit boring and have no flavour, but it’s something your body really needs to have a lot in order to do everything from clean your insides to making your skin look better.

Rule 2 – Ditch the Coffee
Try to think of coffee as what it really is – a drug of sorts. Its crammed full of caffeine which is good in small doses, but having frequently over the course of the day is going to plague your insides. We know from experience that waning yourself off coffee is hard and can cause headaches for a few days as your brain is asking for that caffeine hit, but if you can do it, drink more herbal teas (especially in the evening when your body needs to chill) and once again drink more water, you will feel healthier.


Rule 3- Don’t give up bread
When talking with our friend who used Alevere, we asked if bread (the magical thing helping burgers and pizzas do their thing) is off the table when on the diet. Surprisingly we were told no. It’s more about how you use it. Without thinking, people tend to eat bread a lot! When making toast for breakfast, or a muffin for a snack in work, for a sandwich at lunch and for the table when eating dinner. Limiting the amount of bread you eat helps your stomach take a little bit easier when digesting and also stops you feeling ridiculously stuffed after meals, helping to lower your carbs too.

Rule 4 – Go Green
Another rule from our dieting friend: if you see green, go for it. Don’t act like a child and turn your nose up when greens and vegetables are on the plate. Take the motto of eating “the good stuff and the good stuff” i.e. your greens and then your meat/carbs, and try to eat almost too much of the stuff that’s actually good for you. Seriously, when is the last time you felt stuffed after a salad? Never? Than start making bigger salads!

Now don’t take all these tips as gospel. They are merely suggestions for changing your diet for the better and we hope you try some of them out at least. If you’re seriously interested in the Alevere diet program, you should watch this video which helps explain what it’s all about: