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WANEMAG | July 21, 2018

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How To Make Food Look Good

How To Make Food Look Good
  • On November 30, 2015

“It doesn’t look like it did on the box”, “It didn’t look like that on the menu”, “It wasn’t what I expected”. These are all phrases everyone has said at least once when we want to get that perfect looking meal placed right in front of us. If we are making a meal at home then the chances are we will really struggle to meet those expectations, but why is it the case when we eat out?

Well, for one thing, if we expected to get our food presented to us in the way it appears in photo’s then it would probably be cold by the time we got it. Of course good presentation is important but those promo shots and TV adverts we see take hours of expert arrangement and lighting to get it just perfect.


Top restaurants and franchises will employ the best creative design agency to ensure their product looks at its very best. Finding a brand design agency like that will have the expertise to understand how to make something appealing to casual viewers is an important marketing tool.

The image of food and the businesses behind it is as important as the food that is brought out to the customers in the restaurants. Restaurants like Wagamama always present their food beautifully. The recent campaign created by creative design agency Pearlfisher ties in the presentation, preparation and packaging of their takeaway service. When you get it home the chances are that you won’t take the time to present it in quite the same fashion but you get the idea as to why they wouldn’t just show images of meals dumped on a plate.


But how can you present your meals in a better way? Here are a few quick tips that might set you on the way to a better diner party. First of all before you even touch the food think about table settings and your choice of plate, remember it’s all about appearance.

When placing food it has often been noted that plates look better with an odd number on them, whether its shrimp or chicken nuggets try it and see. Colour is a key factor in the appearance of your meal so if you have something that is all one colour lie a soup or pesto dish you could try adding a little garnish to break up the monotony.

Finally, depending on what you are serving you can play with height. That might sound a bit bizarre and a stack of mash like Close Encounters isn’t a great idea but different shapes or heights in presentation of things like rice can make for an interesting and appealing appearance.

These are just some of the options available to you and your preference will have a big bearing on what you end up with.