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WANEMAG | August 19, 2018

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A No Bake Cake That Tastes Great

November 11, 2013 |

As much as we love finding the best and most glorious foods from around the web, what we can’t handle is the cleanup that comes with cooking. If you’re someone who can’t stand washing a mountain of cookware either, why not give our over the top No-bake Over The Top Malteser Cake a go. Read More

The World Chocolate Champion

November 11, 2013 |

It’s a competition that focuses solely on the greatest invention in the world. The World Chocolate Masters is where chefs from around the world compete to show that they are the best at making dishes that put chocolate front and centre. Read More

Deserts To get You Drooling

November 11, 2013 |

Try and keep your tongue from falling out of your mouth here. If you don’t like a good desert then we’re going to have trouble. Read More

Mixed Signals Lead To Hybrid Deserts

November 10, 2013 |

There’s a pandemic of craziness spreading across the desert world. Where one was pleased by the pleasure of having a simple desert, cooks are now throwing the rulebook out the window, or rather, at one another. Read More

Deep Fried Ice Cream

November 9, 2013 |

This is a desert that should have been condemned when thought of and ridiculed for how insane it sounds. You’ll probably turn your nose up at the idea of ever eating deep fried ice cream. That is until you actually take a bite. Read More