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WANEMAG | August 19, 2018

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Pizza Toppings For Every Taste

Pizza Toppings For Every Taste
  • On November 11, 2013

Everyone has their favourite pizza topping. You can never go wrong with pepperoni. BBQ Chicken is always a good go-to when everyone is undecided and olives are definitely reserved for weirdos. That goes doubly for anyone even thinking that anchovies are great.

Around the world people love to experiment with the best canvas in the food world and add the most ridiculous topping you can think of. From hot dog stuffed crusts to tortilla chips and chicken nuggets, there’s a dream pizza out there for anyone willing to cram more food than necessary on a cheesy tomato base.

Slide 1: The Mac&Cheese Pizza. Love your Italian food but don’t know when to choose between pizza and pasta? Why not have both and worry about all the carbs later.

Slide 2: The Pizza Flavoured Pizza. Doritos, Pringles, crackers and hummus come together to create a pizza that will definitely taste like a pizza.

Slide 3: The Doritos Pizza. If you don’t think your pizza is ever crispy enough then liberally sprinkle a full bag of your favourite flavoured tortilla chips and you’ll get added crunch.

Slide 4: The McDonalds Pizza. Nothing says ‘I’m loving it’ like a pizza with fries, cheeseburgers and McNuggets for a topping. And there’s enough sauce left that you won’t have to go back to the counter and ask for those annoying to open sachets.

Slide 5: Egg Pizza. Need extra protein? Why not crack an egg over your pizza while it cooks and get instant ‘yolk-y’ goodness.

Slide 6: Breakfast Pizza. Making the most important meal of the day even better is a pizza topped with eggs,tomato,bacon,sausage,cheese,pepper,mushroom and jalapeno sauce to get your day off to a flying start.