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WANEMAG | August 30, 2015

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Healthy Living

August 12, 2015 |

While we often post about the most mouth-watering and sometimes calorific food here we also understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

Completely cutting off all treats is something that does not appeal to the majority of people and … Read More

The Perfect Fried Egg

August 6, 2015 |

Nothing beats a good old fashioned fry up. On long weekend mornings and sometimes even on the cheeky mid-week morning starting a day with a belly full of eggs, bacon, sausage and beans somehow makes even the most stressful and chaotic day that bit more bearable when you’re not already craving lunch by 1030am. Read More

Losing Weight The Easy W.A.N.E.

August 4, 2015 |

Spend any time on WANEmag and you’ll see a lot of delicious, mouth watering, drool worthy food. While we like our burgers, pizza, fried foods and meals as much as the next person, sometimes it can be quite difficult to … Read More

Krispy Kreme Burger

February 3, 2014 |

Recently there has been a surge in popularity of the doughnut chain ‘Krispy Kreme’, and rightly so since unlike the failed attempts of ‘Dunkin Doughnuts’, Krispy Kreme has well and truly smashed the UK market and resigned the British people to fact that they will never diet successfully again. Read More

When food goes international

December 6, 2013 |

Many of us have a favourite restaurant that we love to treat ourselves to when we’re out and about. We learn early on to associate these eateries with full bellies and enjoyable experiences and for successful chains their popularity can spread internationally. Read More

Pizza Toppings For Every Taste

November 11, 2013 |

Everyone has their favourite pizza topping. You can never go wrong with pepperoni. BBQ Chicken is always a good go-to when everyone is undecided and olives are definitely reserved for weirdos. That goes doubly for anyone even thinking that anchovies are great. Read More

A No Bake Cake That Tastes Great

November 11, 2013 |

As much as we love finding the best and most glorious foods from around the web, what we can’t handle is the cleanup that comes with cooking. If you’re someone who can’t stand washing a mountain of cookware either, why not give our over the top No-bake Over The Top Malteser Cake a go. Read More

The World Chocolate Champion

November 11, 2013 |

It’s a competition that focuses solely on the greatest invention in the world. The World Chocolate Masters is where chefs from around the world compete to show that they are the best at making dishes that put chocolate front and centre. Read More

The World Of Burrito Madness

November 11, 2013 |

You can never go wrong with a burrito. It’s a food you can have any time of day, can carry anywhere you like and will always fill a hole. Read More

Finger Lickin’ Diet Coke Chicken

November 11, 2013 |

Not everything on the WARE blog has to be calorific. We’re going to presume you all know about the barbecue delicacy that is Coke Chicken. If you’re counting calories though we have a recipe for a great main dish with Diet Coke as it’s main ingredient. Read More